The Client:

The Goodnight Society is a quirky, colourful sleepwear label for big dreamers and good nights. They sell a little piece of tangible happiness, disguised as sleepwear, pj’s, nighties… you know, the stuff you wear to bed. Unless you sleep naked, in which case, you’re probably in the wrong place.

Grab some PJ's!

We were so excited to work with Kasey to design our new Summer print for The Goodnight Society. We were huge fans of her other collaborations and felt her love of colour and design would be a perfect match for what we were wanting. We wanted a print that was fun, playful and full of colour! Kasey bought all of our ideas together to create this amazing print and we are so excited to share this collection with our customers.

The Goodnight Society

Project Stats!


Number of holidays booked after seeing the VACAY print.


chance you'll sleep better in these PJ's!


Number of people who dreamt about holidaying when sleeping in their VACAY pyjamas.

Full disclaimer: I have absolutely no proof that these statistics are true. But they could be!

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