The Client:

Pretty Parcel was created in 2010 by Melbourne based fashion designer Shannon Kenny. Shannon designs and creates limited edition colourful and fun clothing for women to make themselves feel good, confident and who don't mind being stopped by people in the street to receive a compliment!

Shannon is a bit of a perfectionist and thrives on creating high quality clothing that will last seasons after seasons and styles that won't go out of fashion in 6 months time. Each piece is cut out and sewn individually using high quality fabrics, held together with top quality gutermann thread, so that you can avoid the mass produced cookie cutter look and environmental impact of fast fashion.

Collaborating with other Aussie businesses is a passion of hers to bring you unique and fabulous collections with all the matchy matchy clothing and accessories. For this project, two earring makers also came onboard to create complimentary earrings for Shannon's range.

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