The Brief:

When Amanda came to me with her idea about ‘Courageous Ladies’ I immediately loved it. When she asked me to design the cover for her first product – a notebook to help woman jot down their thoughts, dreams and goals, I was honoured. Amanda specifically requested a vast range of woman to be captured – she wanted to be as diverse as possible by featuring a range of races, ages, statures and disabilities, all to be placed on her signature pink background.

Words of Love from the Client

“Kasey is not only talented; but she is kind and genuine – and Courageous Ladies wouldn’t exist without her.

I had a dream, and told Kasey about it before anyone else (don’t tell my Husband!) – I only wanted to work with Kasey, and knew that if she believed in the concept, then it could become a reality.

Kasey supported my lack of creativeness – was patient in my growth of ideas and changes of mind – to bring my dream to life.

Having never developed a design before, let alone creating a physical product with it, Kasey always bent over backwards to support me – and for that I am forever grateful.

I consider Kasey a friend, who has helped me be better women and live my best life, brightly!”

– Amanda (The Original Courageous Lady)

The number of courageous women featured on the cover of the notebook.

The number of pages available for you to draft your most courageous thoughts!

Unlike the others, these statistics are 100% true!