The Brief:

BE YOU AND BLOOM is the first campaign in the OPERATiON: LiVE BRiGHTER series, an initiative founded by Kasey Rainbow. This series sees many makers come together to utilise 3 themed prints for each campaign, with a set percentage of makers profits going towards a certain charity. The BE YOU AND BLOOM campaign is supporting those affected by domestic violence.
When researching the symbolism of flowers, I could not go past the Jacaranda flower – a symbol of rebirth, and the Daffodil – symbolising new beginnings. For women leaving a DV situation, it is a new chapter, for others, a completely new life. These flowers are to remind women that it is never too late to end one story and start afresh on another.
The ‘In Full Bloom’ print is a representation of a woman who has been through DV but has come out the other side. Not only does it feature our Daffodil flower, I have also included the Gladiolus, symbolising great strength. The extensive colour and beauty of this print represent a woman blossoming into her new self.


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