What exactly does Kasey do?
ALL THE THINGS! No, but really, she does a lot! As a textile artist, Kasey basically creates art for any surface. This can range from fabrics, to products, to packaging. If you need an injection of colour into your brand (or your soul), send Kasey an email and let’s make it happen! She loves a challenge.
Can I work with her?

Kasey does have some limitations as to who she can work with due to current clients and conflicts of interest, but loves to hear from prospective new clients. If you’d like to work with her, flick her an email and she will let you know if she is available to work with your brand.

Is her surname really Rainbow?

You clearly haven’t read the About Me page…

No seriously, is it?

Yep. It is.
(Thanks Owen!)

Why is Kasey so passionate about mental health?

As someone who has suffered from mental illness since her teenage years, Kasey is passionate about raising awareness on the subject. She wants to change the view around mental illness being a ‘weakness’ by showing the world that it actually atkes great strength to speak up and say you are not okay. Kasey has always used art as a therapy to cope with her own mental illness and hopes her work can induce some colour and positivity into the lives of others.

Can we have margaritas together?

Yes. Yes, we can.