Things people often ask me...

Why are you so open about your mental health?

Why wouldn't I be?
How are we going to break down the stigma around mental illness if we don't openly discuss it? I am a big believer in the 'it ain't weak to speak' philosophy and my ears are always available to listen, just as my arms are always open for a hug.

Who can commission you to design an exclusive fabric?

ANYBODY! I will happily create an exclusive design for anyone who comes to me with an idea, or just a desire to have something unique to their brand or personality.

How much do you charge?

How long is a piece of string?
As a small business myself, I understand the struggle and the juggle of finances! Whilst I do have set pricing for some of my work, I am more than happy to discuss your budget to see if we can find a figure that works best for both of us. Flick me an email and let's chat.

Is your surname really Rainbow?

You clearly haven't read my 'About Me' page...

No seriously, is it?

Yep. It is.
(Thanks Owen!)

What else do you do besides fabric design?

ALL THE THINGS! No, but really, if you need an injection of colour into your brand (or your soul) send me an email, or slide into my DM's over on Instagram and let's make it happen! I love a challenge.

Can we have margaritas together?

Yes. Yes, we can.