Photo by Kate Luke for the release of Raining Rainbows (Jericho Road x Kasey Rainbow).

I am Kasey Rainbow.

First things first: Yup - Rainbow is my real surname.
And as it suggests, I am a lady of many colours.
I draw. I write. Sometimes, I eat tacos.
But I always LiVE BRiGHT!


Grammar mightn't be my strong point but this girl can rock a rhyme. I've carried a torch for writing and poetry since discovering I could rhyme ‘you’ with ‘poo’. I've self-published two books featuring my rhythmic words (poop free) and I continue to express my love of poetry and writing by spilling my feelings onto paper or social media whenever I can.

Drawing and Design:

I have always been a creative at heart, but after purchasing an iPad back in 2017, I discovered a new love of digital art and design. After months of playing and hours of YouTube tutorials, I decided to dive headfirst into the wonderful world of fabric and textile design. Sure, I might be a newcomer to this space and completely self-taught, but I'm not too shy to toot my own horn (Toot! Toot!) about the unexpected success I've had creating wearable art for my amazing clients.

Mental Health:

I've suffered from mental illness for more than 15 years - since my teenage years - so a diagnosis of PND/A soon after the birth of my daughter came as little surprise. Do I have qualms with being labelled ‘crazy’? Hell no! In fact, I'm a proud supporter of PANDA and beyondblue, having completed fundraising for both charities through my book sales and creative projects. On my social media, I am honest and upfront, often telling my story and helping to shake the stigma around mental health and brighten dark days others might be going through.

And when I am not writing, drawing or designing? I'm making the most of each day with family and friends, eating one too many tacos and raising my margarita to a colourful life! Cheers!